Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Rich brats

A client of mine is son of a super rich father who owns a big company
and some rich expensive entertainment hobby investments.
Strangely (keeping in mind his flamboyance), he is handling this
project which my company is consulting for a way forward.

A lot of problems are there which needs to be addressed by him, a
direction for which we have given after an intense research.

But this fellow does not know how to talk, and respect his
subordinates and feels things should move if he just says so. And when
his key staff (including experienced learned professionals) leave, he
wonders why. He also wonders why the things are not moving forward in
his organisation when he ORDERS it to be.

I wonder if he has ever gone on site and got his hands dirty by taking
the mantle in his hands.

I feel his father must have wanted him to learn some good things. Alas!

I always have said and feel that what you see down below at ground
level is the reflection of the way things work above (outlook of

I sincerely hope that some sense prevails and the problems get
addressed in this organisation, as this is a centre which is needed
desperately by the stakeholders, and in good shape.

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