Saturday, February 12, 2011

Be the game changer

One of the memorable moments at the just concluded National Quality
conclave was my interaction with the energetic and charming hospital
management students from IHMR delhi.
These young budding administrators thronged me suddenly with a posse
of questions. Obviously, a lot of their questions hadn't been answered
yet by anyone.
They enquired on various career options including health IT.
I was feeling a little jealous for the fact that in my time I never
got such opportunity to interact and gain insights into upcoming
trends in career choices.
But I also felt fortunate to have gained some experience to share
knowledge in whatever capacity I could.
Interacting with them for a while and as always I realised again that
to these future health administrators their future world was envision
more on the lines of a 'corporate italian clad ' super speciality
hospital. Not their fault as who would not get glamour struck if such
beautiful work of art (hospitals the kind of fortis, hiranandani,
asian heart etc) are exposed to them during their internship.
What I always feel dissapointed about is that the rest of indian
healthcare industry, and about 90% of the industry is run in the
unorganized sector. This sector is oblivious to the regulatory
requirements, quality indicators and even the basic productivity
analysis and patient satisfaction index to make a course correction if
Unfortunately the hospital administrators either shy away from this
section of care administration or are not aware of. I feel they shy
away as they feel the remuneration would be too low. Actually the
remuneration is low across all categories of hospitals barring few
players if compared with other industries like pharma and IT.
The good pay scales are there for sure, but to experienced candidates.
Unfortunately, the management graduates technically would have zero
experience(not considering their internships) and would have to start
gaining experience once recruited, however, at a lower pay scale.
Now coming to the point, of them, shying away from the non corporate
world of healthcare.
I genuinely believe that the future of healthcare lies in this sector-
the small un professionally driven health sector. The smaller clinics,
5/10/20 bedded hospitals(nursing homes, poly clinics), many of them in
residential premises. The budding administrators can actually take the
mantle and courage to work in these hospitals and change it around for
good. The pay initially may be meagre, but the satisfaction they would
gain by bringing in quality and better productivity cannot be
experienced anywhere else.
These hospitals when converted by these administrators in to a quality
driven centre would ultimately garner the corporate outlook, become
more profitable and in return reward the game changer-the hospital
administrator to the levels of remuneration he or she had desired in
the first place.
Today india requires 50000 such game changer's. My sincere wish and
hope is that these budding administrators seriously look at this
unorganized sector, turn it around and earn what they desire and
foremost, be this healthcare industry's GAME CHANGER.
Best wishes,
Dr Akash S Rajpal

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