Friday, May 7, 2010

NABH queries & responses - 2

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NABH says you need to comply to statutory requirements. So the qualifications will be as per states/regions requirement. If you have anything out of norm you should have evidence in writing from the local authority that its allowed.
Normally nurses registered with state nursing council are required. Also check NMMCs (your local hospital registration authority) guidelines of registration which mentions this.You should also refer to the Bombay Nursing home acts ( page 8-point 8 & page 5-point 15 for better understanding. Depending on region/accessibility various liberties are provided by state keeping in mind difficulty in availability of medical staff. For example a recent gazette of GOI allows certain AUYSH practitioners to practice allopathy.
Bottom line: NABH does not specify specific qualifications.
You can also refer to NABH standard HRM11 to outline a policy which state which qualified staff will do what at what course of treatment. This way you could have a optimised mix of qualified staff doing certain aspects of plan of care and non qualified staff doing certain aspects keeping in mind criticality of care.

I would compile Internet links to various acts concerning health care ASAP which could benefit the fraternity at large.

Dr Akash S Rajpal

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On Thu, May 6, 2010 at 9:39 PM, ramani brahma wrote:
Does NABH Specify any minimum qualifications for nursing staff/lab technicians and X- ray technicians?
Dr. Ramani

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NABH queries & responses

I refer to a email where this gentleman enquired whether NABH prescribes
standards for staffing (quantity).
My response is mentioned below with a copy of the email.
I hope the same would help any concerned on the said aspect of HR

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Dr Akash S Rajpal.

Kindly refer to the below mentioned NABH standard.
NABH does not lay down staffing quantity specifications and it is upto
the organisation to decide what is suitable.
What NABH would look at would be the efficacy of operations and human
resource planning. If you are able to comply to various standards
related to patient records effectively even with one staff they would
appreciate it, and if you cant even with 10 staff then a non compliance
would be made depending on the severity of the problem. Therefore it is
important to assess how much staff is required to carry out the assigned
tasks in specified shifts by way of HR planning followed by continuous
monitoring for efficiency of staffing & errors for improvement &
training needs.

HRM.1: The organization has a documented system of human resource
A.The organization maintains an adequate number and mix of staff to meet
the care, treatment and service needs of the patient


Dr Akash S Rajpal,
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From: Alex Roy
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Dear Sir,

I just have one question about the NABH Standards.

According to NABH standards, is there any specific number of staff
(strength of staff) in a medical record department for a 1000 bedded

I would be thankfull at your response.

Have A Blessed Day
Carol Peter