Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Short sighted governance

I refer to the recent issue in Jharkhand where heated arguments over bio waste disposal have begun between Jharkhand State Pollution control board and the private hospitals. http://telegraphindia.com/1120103/jsp/jharkhand/story_14955191.jsp

The state pollution control board of Jharkhand wants all big hospitals to setup their own incinerator infrastructure to treat the biowaste. This is a very short sighted approach, and will only lead to further pollution of the neighboring areas and cause lot of health problems to the citizens nearby.
Incernerators also need Diesel (considering the poor power situation there) and will be a great fire hazard as loads of diesel would need to be stored on premises.
Plus the capital costs will only worsen the existing poor ROI of the hospital.
Jharkhand government authorities cites lack of funds for land acquisition and capital funding issues as main reasons.

This is classic example of concerned agencies not planning with all stakeholders. If a land crunched and expensive real estate location like Mumbai and Navi Mumbai can have a great arrangement of a centralised bio waste disposal then why not Jharkhand? 

Such arrangements necessarily need to be done on a a PPP model, and needs farsightedness and willfullness on behalf of the governance.

Problem which still lingers with the government is that they are not still willing to let go its micro involvement in - everything. They should act (as I have always deliberated) as facilitators and create a environment of inviting all stakeholders for a simple solution. Let the private bodies do such things, offer them great incentives, and just supervise from time to time.

I hope the new year sets some great PPP examples and cites landmark benchmark in good governance.

Wishing all a very happy new year.

Warm regards & best wishes.
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