Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I personally feel surrogacy should only be an option for natural
couples and only when IVF fails. Adoption then should be made
compulsory for people seeking parenthood. Also I feel couples age
should be limited to avoid a psychological disconnect between the
children and parents at a later date due to huge age difference.
A single mother or father seeking a surrogate option sounds very
illogical. There are thousands of children up for adoption in every
country but probably is not opted due to country specific strict
adoption rules which include denial of adoption to single parents.
Governments, specially among the WTA groups and other should have a
common surrogate law to prevent a catastrophe in the envil. No one
knows what the psychological duress a child would go through when he
or she grows up when found a misfit with a different sexual oriented
parents, or even single parents or even otherwise. Surrogacy should
only be a last option where ivf fails or gyneacologically a mother
can't bear a child. A genetic link however must be maintained.
Adoption laws therefore must be regulated but reasonable for all to
avail parenthood.

Disclaimer: the opinion is of my personal view and should not be
reflected as a representation of thoughts of others.

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Dr Akash Rajpal

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