Thursday, May 4, 2017

iPhone 10 anticipations & prospective analyisis

As June approaches every year the rumour windmills spin at full speed and generate the much needed power of imagination of how the new iphone would be. 

It's such a fascination to watch budding designers and Apple fanboys display their creativity in public eye with some awesome iphone mockups and designs. It's tech porn fully unleashed. 

Right from contactless wireless charging to SLR level camera, iris scans to 3D face recognition, hidden screen embedded Touch ID to pathbreaking display designs. 
The list is endless. 

But as we all know the features adopted by Apple is usually never first in industry. Actually I don't remember apple utilising a feature before anyone else does. It always has been improving upon previously experienced technology. 
Whether it's fingerprint security, display resolution, waterproof body, Bluetooth earphones etc were all improved upon and never introduced first in industry. Apple does not have the inherent DNA to take innovative risks specially since jobs is not around. We have all seen how apple without jobs has in history tried to bank solely upon their money minting offerings typically and end up losing. 
That is what we are seeing now. Iphone was last introduced by jobs. There is nothing which has been introduced by Apple post jobs which has been hugely successful like the iphone. 

AirPods, lack of earphone socket, touch bar on mac, discontinuing jobs's favourite MacBook Air 11" have all been rejected by users by and large disappointing them to the core. 

The only saving grace recently was dual camera bokeh in 7+ which apple didn't even anticipate that it would sell more,messing up the inventory management. And as analysed above the dual camera was not even first in industry by apple. Many brands have had that offering prior. And the same bokeh job can be easily done be any good cam app (I am waiting for the brilliantly demoed adobe bokeh app)

So what do I don't expect in iphone 10 which could have been worthy of apple's legacy:
1.Contactless Wireless charging as it's not introduced yet by other brands. Apple won't risk this as first comer. Tech still needs early adaptation by risk takers like real entrepreneurs on kickstarter. 
2.Seamless edgeless display like the Samsung 8 as industry would ridicule them of copying. 
3.TouchID inside display as no one has done that yet. 
4.3D face recognition as its not introduced already. Apple wont risk this.

What I do expect in iphone 10:
1.Earphone jack to be back as it was the most ridiculous thing to do. Earphone jack is the most universal electronic component since wall socket. Imagine removing electric wall plugs and sockets and being "courageous" to make all things in house wireless for the whim and fancy of a company. 
2.Waterproof to continue. 
3.Touch ID to be (on side?) or back but in a more convenient location and make screen ratio bigger.
4.New OS 11 which will have battery improvement system & other improvements. 
5.Custom control panel as it is most desired and popular in android. 
6.Better airdrop and better file sharing features. Present files sharing is regressively restrictive in iOS. 
7.Better Siri with offline support atleast for all system settings. 
8.Bigger battery. 
9.A display size bigger than 5.5" as that's in larger demand for apple
10.Dual camera even in 4.7 inch phone as they was saving grace for apple sale recently. 
11.All glass body like iphone 4 to make it look different branding wise. Maybe even a sapphire glass option. Similarity in design has been biggest name for Apple as people buy apple also for pride of ownership. The loom change due to dual camera in larger phone was also reason for its better sale than the lower size version. 
12.New Display material like OLED as that's in trend. 
13. Iris scan(Maybe) as its already introduced by few brands & that Governments like India are pushing phone manufacturers to have it for UID.

So that's it folks. 
Let's check back in June (or later in September if apple delays its anniversary launch) and I hope apple proves me wrong for the innovation part. My most desired feature is contactless wireless charging as it will greatly improve battery life, and dual camera in 4.7 inch too. It will be a disaster if they discontinue the 4.7 size and not reintroduce earphone jack. 

In the meanwhile I'm seriously looking forward for pixel's price to drop as the price point is the only reason holding people from buying a fabulous google product. 

Apple iphone sale drop trend will continue till the new phones are announced as only a breakthrough in offering can break the saturation and better features in offering by competition specially since Android OS is now almost at par with iOS. 

Dr Akash Rajpal
Tech Savy doctor. 

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