Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Gold out of dust

This is in reference to the recent government action against Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital to recover 175 crores just because they changed the trust constitution & ran some few innovative non health earning centres within the premises.

My take:
I guess unless govt is healthcare provider friendly there will not be many takers for creating a good quality health setup. Govt seems to become greedy when a pvt setup creates gold out of dust. The case seems to be duplicated in almost all professionally run centres now - seven hills, fortis vashi & others whoa re all in some trouble even with agreed MOUs. Govt needs to realize that no pvt setup will be there without profits for self sustenance even if it is a trust run centre. All prudent establishments who don't want to run on donations will want a self sustenance model. Govt should be happy that its city has such brilliant health setups catering to their obligation towards its citizens of providing excellent health facilities which they fail to do on their own.

Dear Govt, please be supportive of all who want to provide a brilliant setup &, please hand hold them. Make it un-bureaucratic, attractive, & un interfering so more private enterprises show willingness to invest in great quality health setups & ultimately providing world class healthcare to all with investments & maintainence from government.
Dr Akash S Rajpal
Ekohealth Management Consultants PVT LTD

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