Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Re: What Happens Online in 60 Seconds - Knowledge gone in 60 seconds

I just went through the amazing statistics on usage of internet.
Bottom-line : We are all going the 'Junk' information highway with not enough real value addition to the knowledge based content sharing which will make this world a better place.

Facts as observed:
Seven Lac Google searches made in 60 seconds, but only one article published in the same time. It means people just refer and follow what others are doing, and no new content is posted which others will want to search or cite. I am of the opinion that over a period of time only copy paste and citations are happening with the same old content be read, re-read and reviewed and ultimately every progress projection may be based on a archaic relatively obsolete database.

Eight lac facebook/twitter updates are posted in 60 seconds, but only 60 blogs are added in the same time. Also only 1600 reads on knowledge based scribd portal. People are only interested in others lives, but not enough knowledge based content is added even by way of blogs.

There are only 100 questions asked on in 60 seconds, to which 40 are only answered back. So knowledge is degrading over a period of time, where not enough people are asking and not enough answers are available.

And finally, 168 million emails are sent in 60 seconds but still communication gap seems to be so much that 4 lac minutes of skype voice calls are still made to communicate.

This in context to healthcare is of great concern as healthcare is largely dependent on knowledge update, and experience sharing. Recent trends indicate a significant drop in liking for a medical seat, and this will only add to deficient status of healthcare professionals and skilled healthcare workers int he country.
New medical colleges are not being added at a pace required, and the pre-conditions to open such colleges though 'sound' are not very relevant in today's scenario.
We need management professionals in healthcare but we disuade from even sharing knowledge when they visit the healthcare centres. Very few guide these students to a level which will do justice to their learning.

I remember how difficult it was to convince clinicians and nurses to share thier experiences and post blogs or articles for benefit of all. The situation still persists. Much though which comes out is a lot of citation or copy paste.

This situation needs to change, else all posts which we will see on internet through facebook and twitter will be to find answers to our daily problems with no solutions at hand.

Please share knowledge. Please research problems and share solutions for everyone's benefit.

EKOHEALTH (WWW.EKOHEALTH.IN) is one such initiative to aggregate knowledge and content from doctors, nurses, management students and any stakeholder in the healthcare domain to share the experiences and seek knowledge. Please share your case studies, journal publications, surgery videos, PPTs, Time motion studies, health awareness slides, disease/procedure explanations for patients, but all created by you. Please email the same to AND i SHALL HAVE IT POSTED ON THE EKOHEALTH WEBSITE for all to view.

Dr Akash Rajpal

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Subject: What Happens Online in 60 Seconds

168 Million emails are sent out...
and now with this one i am adding to a statistic!!




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