Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Hospital Administrator - a funny incident

Hi folks,
Just to sway away from the serious blog routine, I would like to share a
small piece of conversation I had with a old colleague some time back.
A old physician colleague from my previous organization called me up the
other day and congratulated me on my 'vibrant' administrative career.
He recollected our earlier days when we used to see patients and how I
had shown interest in becoming an administrator and that I finally did
my post graduation in hospital administration etc.
He expressed his desire to become a administrator too just like me and
wanted some career advice.
I asked him, why he wanted to become a administrator and what drives him
to take such a decision.
He replied :
When ever he goes to the management for a resolution on certain
problems, they always are 'busy in meetings' & that he wants to change
this scenario once he becomes an administrator.
I just wished him luck & said goodbye.
I have not heard from him in a while and I hope he manages to change the
administrative 'scenario'.


Dr Akash Rajpal.

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