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RE: NABH query on ICU design / Infection control

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Dr Akash S Rajpal,


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To: Dr.Akash S Rajpal; 'Akash Rajpal'
Subject: NABH query

Dear Dr Akash,


Kindly answer the below queries on NABH.



1. I'm doing my project work on NABH with Apollo hosp. I'm said to make unit binders so far. Can you guide me how to proceed further?  ; Kindly eloborate 


2. I’m doing my internship on NABH. Can you provide me basic guideline how to make a project report.  : You may do a gap analysis on standard requirement and evidence seen. I wonder how long you would be doing your internship. Standard internships are for one to three months. In that it will be difficult to do a complete gap analysis. You may choose few departments or chapters from NABH to make the report/case study. For interpretation of standards you would have to refer to the NABH guidebook. 


3. respected sir/madam
i would like to know what are the standards which are to be maintained according to NABH while handling patient in ICU. basically to control nosocomial infections since i am from non-medical background i would request you to please guide me just regarding hand washing procedure, proper waste disposal technique, wen to use gloves, how to enter in icu i.e. dress-up. 

You may refer to international standards design books , CDC or WHO websitez or refer to (Indian Society of Critical Care Medicine) which has good knowledge base for the same. 


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  1. You may also refer to the Indian Journal of Critical Care Medicine, issue dated June 2010.
    It has a very good article on Indicators for Intensive Care areas.

    PS: This Comment made with inputs from Dr Harish Nadkarni

  2. I really appreciate your post and you explain each and every point very well.Thanks for sharing this information.And I’ll love to read your next post too.

  3. Respected Sir,
    I belong to a non-medical background...and i am pursuing bachelors in hospital administration...Can you Guide me how to make a project report on the topic " Evaluation of ICU SERVICES "...and what are the standards by NABH which should be followed in ICU...

    1. You may make me your official guide. Please to your college. You can view relevant standards in the NABH guidebook to know more.

  4. I am a student at TISS and am supposed to speak about critical analysis of NABH. As an assessor, how effectively do NABH protocols address quality concerns? Are there any grey areas or loopholes and scope for improvement? Could you please guide me on this?